20190228 Fabulous February Cycling Holidays - Let’s not look back on the weather we had here in Mallorca last year…it was so bad it’s probably best forgotten about and put in that small box at the back of the garage along with the out of date gels and the “bargains “ you got online …….. Anyway, February here in Mallorca continues […]
20170701 Summer Cycling in Mallorca – Yes you can! - So its Summertime and it’s hot, some days very hot! However with a bit of planning and discipline, it’s still possible to fit in some great rides, conquer the challenges and not melt!  The biggest factor is the start time, so getting away by 8am latest for a shorter ride and by 6:30am for a […]
20170623 Island Tasters – Sa Calobra - Have you wanted to ride up the climb out of Sa Calobra that you hear all about or one of the other famous climbs on the island? If what’s stopping you is the unknown of the severity,  or maybe it’s what do you do if you have too many punctures or run out of food […]
20170612 Preparing For Summer Events - Are you preparing for or would you like to prepare for a Summer event? It could be a long distance event, a very hilly or mountainous event, maybe the London – Paris, The Marmotte or Etape du Tour? Mallorca combined with Mallorca Cycling Tours can certainly help you fine tune your preparation for these. Now […]
20170608 Hillyard Group - The next few days were designed to be an introduction to Mallorca and it’s pretty lanes whilst building up fitness and ending with a proper challenge day. The group was organised by Darren and with a swap of emails and ideas, we had it planned out and ready. As the group wasn’t too large, we […]
20170520 From AU CA CH ES SE and GB - Another multi cultural week with cyclists from Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden and Great Britain. Every week is so different, it’s never a dull moment!  We started this week with some great views of the Poppies during our ride to Petra. Petra was now back to its normal self and not too busy with huge […]
20170506 Fun in the Mountains Week - Mountains, mountains and more mountains this week! This was a really fun filled week with a small group of riders but all of different abilities and with different requirements from the week. Lawrence was first to arrive and he wanted lots of km’s and m’s of altitude. So day 1, 136km, 2,300m, not the normal […]
20170422 Mallorca 312 Tour Week - Mallorca 312 Tour week. The following weekend was the Mallorca 312, so this week was about a balance of efforts but not to be too tired before the big day on Saturday. We started the week with an undulating route of heading along the coast to Arta, taking in the climb towards Betlem Church and […]
20170429 Mallorca 312 – 225km Route - This was an awesome day, not just in terms of riding the bike and ticking off a challenge but so much fun and a day that encompassed so much about why cycling in Mallorca is so popular!  I’m not going to duplicate too much of what I have already said in our weekly blog about […]
20170415 Mickey Cranks - Mickey Cranks week! This was going to be fun before it even started, with the return of a fantastic group from near Oxford in the UK.  The group has a mixture of social, sportive and racing riders, so we needed to cater for their diversity.  On Saturday, as riders were arriving during the day, we […]