Tour Down Under January 2025

Come and join us for some great experiences and bike rides around Adelaide.

Riding parts of the Pro race stages

Taking part in the Sportive – Riding one of the stages, ahead of the pro peloton

The Tour Village in central Adelaide

Watch the Pro Teams being presented in the Tour Village

Structured, guided bike rides. One of the guides is an ex Tour rider!

Chance for some to tag along with Pro groups out training

Cycling in the Southern hemisphere Summer! Shorts in January!

Optional extras – Legends Dinner, Organised trips to watch the race stages, evening races to participate in

The dates are approx 12th to 26th January. Exact trip dates to be decided once the UCI fix the 2025 race dates. The Woman’s race is always first, the Mens race a few days later.

Blog and pictures from the 2020 TDU Trip by Mark and 2020 TDU by Zuzana

Blog & Pictures from 2019 TDU Trip