Gran Canaria Trips

This is the page for completing your booking reservations (Or just enquiring) for any of our trips to Gran Canaria. These are planned for Feb/Mar and Nov times of the year.

A word of warning about cycling in Gran Canaria. It is great fun but there are no flat roads. Lots of canyons and roads on the sides of these with gradients between 6% and 14% but sections of 18-20 in places on the extreme routes. A few valleys or coastal roads where it’s more 2-3% and short 8-10% bits. They do have e-bikes for rent! Recommend a bottom gear of at least 34×34, 34×36 would be better.

Location and Hotels:
The location is the famous Maspalomas area. Specifically Playa del Ingles. We have a few Hotels that we like to use, due to location, quality of food, service and being bike friendly. Secondly, they are close to the bike rental shops! However, feel free to select your own accommodation and just turn up for the bike rides. There will be a schedule released.
Currently still waiting for the group prices for the Sahara. As a guide, if we have a group of at least 10, it’s from approx €205 per night 1/2 board for a single in a room, €150 if sharing.

  • Hotel Sandy Beach – We have group prices for here.
  • Hotel Sahara Playa – Waiting on group prices.

When – The Dates
The default dates for the next trips are between 15/16th to 22/23 November 2024 and between 21/22 Feb 2025 to 4/5th Mar 2025 (+/- a day is fine). We will be there a few days before to check everything is ok.

Airport Transfers
Once we get nearer to the trip date and we have the bulk of reservations, we will look to see if we can organise any group transfers, otherwise you will need to take a taxi or shuttle option. These are really easy, it’s a small airport and the taxi rank always seems to have some taxi’s waiting. Journey time is around 25-30 mins and about €45.

Rental Bikes?
Unlike Mallorca, there aren’t as many bike shops or choices of bikes, so expect to pay a little bit more for bike rentals. For Gran Canaria, we prefer you to reserve your own rental bikes. There is an admin charge for us reserving bikes for you. The closest shop is “FreeMotion” in Playa del Ingles. URL:

We will have 1 or 2 ride groups each day, depending on the route and plan on a very easy day every 3 or 4 days. It is demanding terrain, so you will get tired if you don’t pace yourself appropriately!

Check out Marks Blog from the Nov 2023 trip

Click on the video below, it has information about these trips

TBA – Not produced yet!

See you in Gran Canaria!