Work From Home Cycling

As a result of the forced changes to working and lifestyle, a large percentage of people are now used to and routinely Working From home (WFH). So, if this applies to you, then how about combining remote ‘Home’ working with your cycling?  Chances are, for the first time in many years, you didn’t get to cycle in Mallorca? Or for those new to cycling, didn’t yet get to experience the delights of cycling in Mallorca!

How can we help? Well to start with, we can structure the daily ride start times to allow some early morning working, before the cycling. We are flexible and dynamic, so we adapt to help you get the most out of your ‘business/work’ trip. The Hotel or accommodations that you stay in all have excellent WiFi infrastructure, so connectivity for your emails/browsing/zoom calls is taken care of.  Short bike ride, long bike ride, last minute changes for work meetings, don’t worry, we can help keep things flowing and working. Been there, done it, got the T-shirt!  Have you ever pictured this – wake up in your sea view room, fire up the laptop and start checking the emails and schedule for any meetings. Whilst doing this, glance up out of the window at the beautiful sunrise out over the bay, a few boats sailing by and the blue sky makes your bike ride later very appealing!  Post bike ride, you can  resume working but instead of just a nice screen saver, your view behind the laptop is the real thing, sandy beach, blue sea, mountains and the occasional bike rider going by on the bike lane. No panic, it won’t disappear and you get to repeat this for as many days as you like (or budget allows!).

The official (current) Hotel opening date is Feb 26th 2022 although for earlier dates, there are some self catering options. Have a think about this, get in touch with any questions and let’s see how we can help you make next year a great year!

Early bookers, before Dec 31st can enjoy a 25% discount, all secured with a 10% deposit.  If dates/flights have to change, no problem, we can move your reservation to the new dates.