Group Reservation Beaconsfield Cycling Club 2024

This is the page for completing your booking reservation for the trip to Mallorca in May 2024.

We have a variety of rooms already reserved in the Cabot Pollensa Park Spa 4* Hotel, in Puerto Pollenca, Mallorca.

The default dates for these reservations are from 9th to 13th May 2024. However, you can arrive early or depart later if you wish and you will receive a custom price with pro-rata rates for the less or extra days. The extra days are subject to availability as this week was fully booked.

Prices have been calculated assuming mostly shared transfers from and back to the Airport on the common arrival and departure dates. If you can’t fly on the common flights, no bother but you will get a taxi surcharge to cover the extra cost, if you are the only passenger in the taxi!

This reservation form has been kept simple to allow a speedy completion and not too much typing, so any things not covered, please add your question or concern into the Comments field box.

Rental Bikes?
If you didn’t receive the Rental Bikes PDF to help with this process, please download it now, before completing the questions below. There is an admin charge for us reserving bikes for you, so if you are able to do this yourself, then please do, as it will save you money and be a faster process!

For those of you requiring a rental bike, there are some questions to capture your bike choices, which need to be fully completed, if you don’t complete all the questions, especially your current bikes measurements, then we can’t reserve a bike for you. If you are unsure of which bike to go for, we will make what we consider the best choice for you based on the information that you provide. 

Click on the video below, it has information about your trip

TBA – Not produced yet!

See you in 2024!

Rental Bikes Information MCT-Rental-Bike-Sizes-and-Bookings-1Download