20170623 Island Tasters – Sa Calobra

Have you wanted to ride up the climb out of Sa Calobra that you hear all about or one of the other famous climbs on the island? If what’s stopping you is the unknown of the severity,  or maybe it’s what do you do if you have too many punctures or run out of food or drinks? Then worry no more, just join one of our Tour weeks or book a few days 1-2-1 with Mallorca Cycling Tours and we can help you achieve the rides you want to complete. Recently we took a small group to Port Sa Calobra to help them with their first time adventure and they had a very memorable time. I think they probably all experienced a fair amount of pain in their legs and other parts of their bodies as well!

So for those wondering, what are the technicalities of the route we used? We did a straight out and back to minimise the distance and keep the cycling time to a minimum because it is pretty hot here in June.  An early start is essential to maximise the enjoyment because otherwise you will be sharing the road with the coaches/buses and rental cars. Distance was 60 miles, average speed 14mph and 6,000 ft of climbing. Riding time is 4 hrs 20 mins but with a few drink stops and photos you should plan on 5 hrs minimum for the ride.

This cornering will be useful on the descent to Sa Calobra

Hold back on the effort Ian, save it for later!

Coll de Femenia done, well done CC

Puig Major in the distance, Sa Calobra off to the right of it

Coll dels Reis, nearly there. 2.5km @ 6%. 682m at the top.

Umm, long way down, lots of bends!

How many excuses to not set off yet!

And we are off! Uphill from here, 9.5km and 7%

Steady for the first few km, find the correct pace

Superb views if you look up and around

kind of half way point

nearly there and it’s such a great feeling – afterwards!

cresting the top

At the “Arches” to hydrate

Great view points on the way back

Enjoy the descent of Coll de Femenia

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