20170701 Summer Cycling in Mallorca – Yes you can!

So its Summertime and it’s hot, some days very hot! However with a bit of planning and discipline, it’s still possible to fit in some great rides, conquer the challenges and not melt!  The biggest factor is the start time, so getting away by 8am latest for a shorter ride and by 6:30am for a longer or Mountains ride, is the answer.  We are able to cater for this, so fitting in a few days morning rides while you are here with your family or friends is achievable. We plan the routes to make the best use of roads with tree cover (shade from the sun) and factor in the wind directions or avoid places that will be hot spots. 

Recently we’ve had a few Summer rides, more 1-2-1 type, which works well as the pace is perfectly matched to you the client.  No having to struggle to keep up or the opposite, waiting for others if the group speed isn’t suitable.

Here are a few pictures with Mark from Australia and David from the USA enjoying a few rides out.

No cars!!

Still have cakes at the stops

the fields are looking a bit dry now

Looking good Mark.

Sprinting for the end of the ride

They thought that was easy – they don’t know what’s later!


The drinks a goodun!

So the climb begins…

The top

Early morning spin to Sineu

Great view to end the ride

Finish by the sea


Road to the lighthouse early morning is empty

watch out for the goats round the bends

great way to warm up the legs for the return!

You can still ride over to Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra is down there somewhere!

great sunsets

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