How is your 2024 season going?  In Mallorca, it’s going very well, lots of good weather, roads with new tarmac! All the usual great scenery,  excellent cafe stops, superb routes, especially when you get away from the mainstream ones…  

We are planning to stop the guided rides from end of June, then resume in September, apart from the special requests.

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Mallorca Cycling Tours and Camps

Mallorca Cycling Tours are the experts for cycling holidays and training camps in Mallorca (Majorca).  We have over 23 years experience of organising cycling holidays and training camps in Mallorca.   On the road and off the bike we pride ourselves on the level of service we offer. Founded by Tony Cork in 2000, Mallorca Cycling Tours has an enviable reputation for unparalleled service and customer satisfaction.  Its team of cyclists are extremely passionate about ensuring that you experience the best possible time cycling here. We are open all year round and you can come for a long weekend or as long as you like! 

Cycling in Mallorca

Mallorca is a popular destination for cycling with a varied terrain including mountains, rolling hills and flat plains. It is very cycling friendly with plenty of quiet touristic routes and cafes. The lack of traffic, smooth road surfaces and year round good weather encourages cyclists from all around the world.

Why Choose Mallorca Cycling Tours

Would you like –

  • To cycle with a group but travelling on your own?
  • To feel included on and off the bike?
  • To cycle without worrying about the Hotel, Transfers or the daily routes?
  • To ride with similar ability riders?
  • Any punctures or mechanical issues taken care of for you?
  • The option of evening social activities?
  • To be taken to the best cafes, cake stops and viewpoints?
  • The option of some challenging days if you want them?
  • To improve any bike skills, such as cornering or descending?

Well if you thought yes to any of the above, thats great because that’s exactly what we do for you! 

If you are a female cyclist and worried about – is this for you? Check out this page.

What Mallorca Cycling Tours Offers

Our cycling holidays and training camps are suitable for groups of friends, teams or individuals.  We want to make sure you experience the best cycling Mallorca has to offer. Mallorca Cycling Tours’ caters for a wide range of cycling abilities. Whether you are training for a specific event or just looking for a cycling holiday you will receive a warm welcome from our team of experienced cyclists. Our cycling holidays and training camps are particularly popular with cyclists training for sportives. They provide a perfect opportunity to gain experience of group riding, learn from more experienced cyclists and clock up some miles. Every day we offer a choice of guided rides that give you the opportunity to cycle with others of similar ability and speed. Our expert guides are always on hand to offer advice and encouragement. All our rides are fully supported with experienced guides and for the larger groups, a following back-up vehicle. Using our local knowledge we carefully design our cycling routes to take in the best scenery and quiet roads in Mallorca. Unlike a traditional training camp, we do stop to take photos and take in the views! We take photos of you while cycling and they are yours to keep.  Please get in touch  with Mallorca Cycling Tours to discuss your needs and to find out more.

Activities for Partners

If you have a partner that would like to come but doesn’t want to take part in the daily cycling rides, then we can also arrange alternative activities. We have ‘Wellness’ days or weeks.  Alternatively, please contact us for more details.

Partners or Children – non activity options

If for example you have partners or children who will be with you but not participating in events, no problem, there is a price just to include the basics, eg. accommodation and any transfers, etc.

Mallorca Cycling Tours Events

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Work From Home Cycling

    Port de Pollenca

    As a result of the forced changes to working and lifestyle, a large percentage of people are now used to and routinely Working From home (WFH). So, if this applies to you, then how about combining remote 'Home' working with your cycling?  Chances are, for the first time in many years, you didn't get to cycle in Mallorca? Or for those new to cycling, didn't yet get to experience the delights of cycling in Mallorca!

    How can we help? Well to start with, we can structure the daily ride start times to allow some early morning working, before the cycling. We are flexible and dynamic, so we adapt to help you get the most out of your 'business/work' trip. The Hotel or accommodations that you stay in all have excellent WiFi infrastructure, so connectivity for your emails/browsing/zoom calls is taken care of.  Short bike ride, long bike ride, last minute changes for work meetings, don't worry, we can help keep things flowing and working. Been there, done it, got the T-shirt!  Have you ever pictured this - wake up in your sea view room, fire up the laptop and start checking the emails and schedule for any meetings. Whilst doing this, glance up out of the window at the beautiful sunrise out over the bay, a few boats sailing by and the blue sky makes your bike ride later very appealing!  Post bike ride, you can  resume working but instead of just a nice screen saver, your view behind the laptop is the real thing, sandy beach, blue sea, mountains and the occasional bike rider going by on the bike lane. No panic, it won't disappear and you get to repeat this for as many days as you like (or budget allows!).

    The official (current) Hotel opening date is Feb 26th 2022 although for earlier dates, there are some self catering options. Have a think about this, get in touch with any questions and let's see how we can help you make next year a great year!

    Early bookers, before Dec 31st can enjoy a 25% discount, all secured with a 10% deposit.  If dates/flights have to change, no problem, we can move your reservation to the new dates.