20170131 January In Mallorca or the UK?

It’s January and what does a cyclist do? Start getting fit again! What does this entail?

In Northern Europe – Wrap up lots to stay warm and dry, then get out quick before you change your mind!

In the UK – extra bonuses – cycle down muddy pot hole filled lanes, wishing that the unfriendly motorists would be more courteous?

Spend hours on the lovely turbo trainer?

In Mallorca – If its a cooler day, put on long sleeves and tights, then go for a ride down smooth lanes, trying to spot the odd car and waving to fellow cyclists.  While out, you will spot the odd Pro team as they pass by with their team car and that makes you feel extra keen to pedal harder!  If you are here for the last week of January, you can even watch the Pro Challenge Mallorca stage race.  Ride out and watch them mid- stage or at the finish.  This year did have the most rainfall in decades but it was still possible to fit in plenty of good quality riding.

Coll d’Honor

Across to Orient

This is why the roads are empty – the airport is empty!

Warm in the sheltered spots

That will keep you pedalling for a few hours!

Challenge Mallorca


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