20170311 International Variety Week

International cyclists, a variety of backgrounds, cycling skills and requirements from the week, just what we enjoy! Cyclists always discuss the weather, food and increasingly Strava. So lets cover those first – Only one day where we had a shower, otherwise warm and mostly blue skies, which made for pleasant cycling conditions.  Plenty of stops each day so nobody was hungry or thirsty and with our following vehicle, bottles were always topped up.  Not too much Strava activity, so less powering over the tops of every climb! As is increasingly the case, a few were preparing for the Etape, Ironman (Women) preparing for some of their torturous events and others just simply increasing fitness while exploring the wonderful delights that the Island has to offer.

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We started the week with a pleasant run along the coast, swinging across via the valley and a stop in Petra. To provide more leg testing on the way back, we included Puig de Magdalena and nearly had another stop in Campanet but as it was getting late afternoon, we simply headed back in over the ‘bumps’.

Rain likely but with a small window of dry, we had a rest day type of ride. Well that was the plan but with the rather strong gusts, it was more like training than recovery! Coffees in Llubi and then selecting all the lanes that had the highest hedges and walls for shelter from the wind going back.

Sa Calobra day – that says it all, don’t need to say much more, the mind fills in the gaps! Climbing – lots, Corners – plenty, scenery – dramatic, stunning and so variable! A challenging day but oh so rewarding and a great sense of achievement for those doing this for the first time. For those wanting to improve their cornering and descending skills, this was the day, so a quick briefing at the Sa Batalla cafe (Petrol Station) before the days descending started.  After the thrills a minute (no screams though!) descent to Sa Calobra, pictures were taken and then before the legs got cold, we headed back up.  Some sensible timings between setting off in batches meant that we all reached the summit at a similar time, to then share the thoughts of the climb! Some not printable! However, vows of returning to improve the time were noted!


Thursday the group split into 2 groups, both heading for Sineu. For those who still had good legs a strenuous ride on a hilly course beckoned, whilst 2 of the group took a more scenic route before coffee at Bar Triquet. In order to keep the miles and climbing up, the first group took off on a line heading for the ascent of Col de Sa Batalla, before the rapid descent over the Col de Femenia. Group 2 meanwhile took advantage of the downhill gradient, enjoying a more leisurely route back home.

Friday brought more sunshine and the group headed out to the coast to the resort of Son Serra de Marina. Again, 2 groups formed, with the first group experiencing a quicker and longer route. Despite a high pace, some still found time to chat!!. Group 2 enjoyed a flatter route via Can Picafort , but good timing ensured both groups arrived at the same time. Beautiful azure waters and golden sands greeted everyone and after a leisurely coffee stop and topping up the water bottles, it was time to head home.  An impromptu gathering in the Port de Pollensa at the ‘Sea Bar’, finished the week off.


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