20170408 Slugs and Triathletes

Impressive achievements sums up this weeks Tour! We had a mixture of ages, abilities, experiences and nationalities this week and everyday was quite different. The ‘Silver Slugs’ are a group of Tony’s cycling friends from the UK and all over age 65. They acknowledged that they wouldn’t be quite as fast as the younger riders or racers in the group but they were also very determined to cover pretty much the same routes, including the Mountainous ones – and they did! At the other end of the spectrum we had the young but experienced Triathletes Melissa and Camilla King, along with their sister Jess who has started doing more cycling this year. With careful planning and dynamic changes, we were able to cater for the diverse group needs and everyone achieved throughout the week. First times up Sa Calobra, faster times up Sa Calobra, faster times up lots of Mountains and Strava segments too! Longest ever bike rides, first times on the Island and sampling some of the superb views each day. 

Below are a few pictures from the week and there are lots more on the Facebook posts from the week, as it happened.


Rest day exploring – not suitable for a group!

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