202308 Summer Newsletter

Copy of our recent Newsletter.

Dear cycling friends

We hope you are having a great summer and lots of cycling fun!
First, we would like to let you know about a new cycling holiday option, which launches on 1st September 2023….it’s all about having more fun, and it’s based on feedbacks from you, our returning clients.

So what’s it all about?

The first opportunity for our future cycling challenges will be this September, The September fun camps, we will have a climbing challenge and a chill out challenge.
Book your last-minute trip for either of the first 2 weeks in September, we have special offers for returning clients. We heard that the weather in Northern Europe and especially the uk has been rather rubbish, cold and wet! So we hope this might help! If you are feeling strong, after the summer training and want to test your legs, or if you’re feeling low in energy and in desperate need of a sunny break, a September fun camp is the solution.
Short Video Explaining these

Mallorca Cycling Tours will take you to sunny destinations this winter!

January – The Tour Down Under

Join us in Adelaide, South Australia, staying in the Tour Village Hotel. You can enjoy the racing scene or just treat it as a relaxing sunny cycling break. The beautiful scenery, koalas, kangaroos, Adelaide Hills, Adelaides Restaurants and Parks, the beaches, the wineries, the Tours evening street parties and support your favourite cycling team or riders.

The Tour Down Under, is the closest you can get to meet and talk (in the pro village) to your favourite riders. You will bump into riders in the hotel and they are happy to pose for selfies. There is even an option to attend the ‘Legends Dinner’, by ticket and you would need a suit or evening dress with you.

Womens Stages are 12-14th Jan and the Mens Stages are 16-21st January.

We will be there a few days before the Women’s dates and the week before the Mens is the days you can get the chance to hop onto the back of some of their training rides.

We are now getting the latest Group prices for the Hilton and getting our flights arranged. Updates on our normal media channels during the next week.


TDU 2019 – Mark

TDU 2020 – Mark

TDU 2020 – Zuzana

For the people, who can’t escape in January, we have the February and March options

Gran Canaria

A week or two, of climbing, sunbathing, and escaping the winter blues. Life is too short to train the whole winter indoors or on frosty roads! Aiming for the last week of Feb and first week of March +/- a few days

Mallorca 312 Event – on 27th April 2024

We have already contacted Milestoneseries, the organisers and they have requested us to provide the number of tickets we require for next year. The deadline is the end of August 2023. So, unlike this year, they haven’t lost us and we are good for securing the VIP tickets far more easily! The price seems to be €180. We will bundle these in with any Hotel/Rides packages for the preceding week, or offer them at the cost price + €15 admin fee.

Mont Ventoux

We are proud to share that recently, we did the various Mont Ventoux climbing experiences and are now confident that we are ready to take you to France in July 2024. Hopefully, we can also tie in a possible TDF couple of days on an extended duration. Aiming for early or mid July.

You can register or sign up now for the TDU, Gran Canaria or the Ventoux trips. We are finalising exact dates but if you register your interest, it will help us to get the costs and dates nailed down more quickly.

Hopefully these trip options will provide some motivation for the upcoming winter to keep you training. Planning a cycling holiday is, where we get our buzz and excitement from

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