Summer 2016 Report

The Spring Tours have finished but the MCT team are still working hard behind the scenes.  Now is the time to check how we performed, decide what and how we can improve and then create a plan of action to make it happen.  We are constantly striving to excel at what we do and provide the best possible experience for our clients.  This is one of the reasons that we always welcome feedback, it’s more important than what we think!

So what have we decided to change?

  • Add in some new routes and destinations, as returning clients don’t want to ride the same roads every time or visit all the same places!  Some destinations will probably always be included, they are either so iconic or just plain clients favourites.
  • Include some more ‘features’ during the social times – can’t say what they are – surprises!
  • Include options or activities for non cycling partners.  This will include things like Pilates, Walks, Yoga, Canoeing, Kettlebell and many more.  So there’s no need to feel guilty about being out on the bike as your partner will be taken care of.

So the Summer months have been checking out roads, sampling the alternative cafes (someone has to test out the cakes!) and deciding on the best ones.  If you are planning to come on one of our Autumn Tours, then you will be experiencing some of the new changes.


Exploring in non team kit – nobody will notice me exploring new routes in this outfit…


Even when walking to remote high up places – there is always cake to be found!


You wouldn’t want to cycle up here!


Thanks Aidan and Ted for great company!


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