Yearly Archives: 2017

20170608 Hillyard Group

The next few days were designed to be an introduction to Mallorca and it’s pretty lanes whilst building up fitness and ending with a proper challenge day. The group was organised by Darren and with a swap of emails and ideas, we had it planned out and ready. As the […]

20170415 Mickey Cranks

Mickey Cranks week! This was going to be fun before it even started, with the return of a fantastic group from near Oxford in the UK.  The group has a mixture of social, sportive and racing riders, so we needed to cater for their diversity.  On Saturday, as riders were […]

20170408 Slugs and Triathletes

Impressive achievements sums up this weeks Tour! We had a mixture of ages, abilities, experiences and nationalities this week and everyday was quite different. The ‘Silver Slugs’ are a group of Tony’s cycling friends from the UK and all over age 65. They acknowledged that they wouldn’t be quite as […]