20170225 First Full Tour of 2017

The last weekend of February was the start of our first full weeks Tour of 2017 and what a glorious start it was! We had clear blue skies, warm temperatures and what every road cyclist wants, smooth roads, great scenery and plenty of coffee stops! We covered a variety of routes, from reasonably flat to mountainous and from 50 miles to 80 miles. The most climbing was the visit to the regularly requested favourite of Sa Calobra at 2,000m.  A fun week, lots of personal improvements achieved, skills improved and great preparation for future goals like the Etape du Tour or Flanders.  For us it is always a pleasure to help cyclists, especially new to the sport with a whole range of skill or technique improvements. It makes the cycling so much more fun and why not draw on the experience of others with many years of experience from a whole variety of backgrounds?  

Here are a few pictures from the week.

Start of the week

Downhill, blue sky, quiet roads… smiles!

1st stop in Petra and not overrun with cyclists – yet!

Top up bottles and any bars or gels? It’s great having vehicle support!

2nd stop of the day – why not!

For those that wanted to climb, 1 group over Orient and 1 straight to the 2nd coffee stop.

1st coffee stop – can you spot the hat?

Great colour match!

Tasty, interesting and a great many were consumed!

Over the top of Orient, it was a bit cooler up there.

1st group at Sineu

Roadside assistance and more water

Climbing up and testing the fitness

Peter was always smiling!

How many bends are there?

Nice socks!

Those socks are still sneaking into the pictures

This isn’t the climb, its only just a hill…

Now its going up

It’s not just Peter who is smiling

Right turn it is!

Another Col to get to the famous bit?

What was harder, Ironman or this?

Nearly at the top

Great view behind

Finally, we see the Sa Calobra dropping away in front of us

Vince – concentrate!

Great place to practice cornering

well deserved food stop

Tapas on Thu evening

Son Serra for last cake of the week

Last top up of the bottles and great view of the sea while having the coffees

Improving climbing, descending and other things cycling!

Where better than a visit to Sa Calobra after an evening of theory on what to do. Plenty of bends, plenty of practice and stunning views while doing it!

La Victoria coastline

Sa Calobra is that way

Plenty of bends

All smiles before going back up…

Nearly at the top

Where is Albert?

Climb done!

Well done Albert!


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