20170311 International Variety Week

International cyclists, a variety of backgrounds, cycling skills and requirements from the week, just what we enjoy! Cyclists always discuss the weather, food and increasingly Strava. So lets cover those first – Only one day where we had a shower, otherwise warm and mostly blue skies, which made for pleasant […]

20170225 First Full Tour of 2017

The last weekend of February was the start of our first full weeks Tour of 2017 and what a glorious start it was! We had clear blue skies, warm temperatures and what every road cyclist wants, smooth roads, great scenery and plenty of coffee stops! We covered a variety of […]

20160917 Canadians and Crankies

This week saw some new visitors all the way from Canada, returning friends from the Mickey Cranks group and more new riders from parts of the uk.  For a September week in Mallorca it was a bit cool but perfect riding temperatures and positively hot for anyone from the UK. […]

Summer 2016 Report

The Spring Tours have finished but the MCT team are still working hard behind the scenes.  Now is the time to check how we performed, decide what and how we can improve and then create a plan of action to make it happen.  We are constantly striving to excel at […]

201606 Tony at Tour Of Cambridge

Tony Cork Winning UCI Gold Medals at 70 by Ben Price of Kineticvelo How an earth do you change a 70 year olds riding habits to training sessions that give him the power to win but also don’t interfere with his love for the social side of group riding?  The […]

Spring 2016 Report

Spring 2016 Report The Spring Tours went very well this year and we saw familiar faces from previous years as well as lots of new ones.  We generally had an exceptionally dry Spring, as was the Winter, so much so that the reservoirs now have a very low water mark […]